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Shark Bucket
Shark Bucket

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No More Messy Chores

A revolutionary new twist to wringer buckets. This unique lightweight bucket operates like no other before. The patented wringer system of the Shark makes all other wringer buckets seem awkward and clumsy.

Effortless pedal controls an integrated wringer allowing for ease of use and operation. Just step on the pedal and the sturdy jaws of the Shark bite into the mop head, give it a twist and you will find the cleaning was never so easy.

U.S. Patent #6,115,877

A revolutionary wringer bucket with an integrated squeeze pedal. Durable plastic construction with form fitting handle and anti-slip floor grips.

For use with any standard 10 or 12 oz. deck mop.

Un revulucionario balde escurridor con pedal integrado que exprime. Construido de plástico durable. Contiene un mango ajustable y una base anti-resbalosa.

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