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super quick change
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U.S. Patent #5,230,596 & 5,842,810

Due to their constant contact with floor strippers and chemicals, Quick Change® and other similar mop holders tend to wear out much quicker than the handles. Our unique Patent Pending design of the Save The Stick Program™ enables you to discard the used mop holder by simply pressing the release button located at the lower end of the handle. The new replacement can be easily snapped back on.

Holds from 24 oz. to 36 oz. mop

#291H - Head Only
#291S - Stick Only

Por el contacto constante con soluciones químicas, Quick Change® y otros trapeadores similares se desgastan más rápido que los mangos. Nuestro revolucionario diseño (patente pendiente) te deja remover la parte usada del trapeador con el simple empuje de un botón, y remplazarlo fácilmente con una cabeza nueva.

Retiene trapeadores de 24 a 36 oz

#291H - Solo Cabeza
#291S - Solo Palo

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